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The Vauxhall Griffin
8 Wyvil Rd
Greater London
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Style: Scottish


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Every other Monday
7ish till close (11pm)

07947 555 649

Primarily Scottish focused though we're open-minded (and not all Scots). Beginner friendly, not speed freaks. We run fortnightly on a fixed schedule which stays set in stone even if we cancel a session (which doesn't happen often).

The website linked above has a (usually out of date...) list of repertoire but we play most things on the list regularly.

Dates for the foreseeable: 19 Mar 2018, 02 Apr 2018, 16 Apr 2018, 30 Apr 2018, 14 May 2018, 28 May 2018, 11 Jun 2018, 25 Jun 2018, 09
Added: 10 March 2013
Updated: 06 March 2018

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