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Flaxey Green Comprehensive and up to date folk information for Devon
Folk Talk Folktalk, providing information on folk music events within the Linconshire and East Yorkshire region and festivals beyond
Folk Tune Finder An excellent tune finding resource - search by name or melody!
The Living Tradition "The home of folk music on the web"
Mr Red's Mid West Music sessions, Clubs, SAR etc lists and dance dates for Gloucestershire and near (++) counties.
Northumbria Folk Diary of folk song and music events for Northumberland
REARM Blog RedNev's Real Ale & Real Music in North Merseyside & West Lancashire
Simply What's On Listings of all sorts of folk-related events Home of abc notation - the text-based notation system and the de-facto standard for folk and traditional music on the web
Andy Cutting Andy Cutting is a rarity. A musician's musician: a soulful and technically outstanding melodeon practitioner with an ear for a fine tune etc etc etc
Zambana Ceramics Residential pottery courses in Andalusia (Spain)
The New Rope String Band Once seen, never forgotten: combining superb musicianship with side-splitting comic genius, the New Rope String Band are truly unique entertainers.

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